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patched membrane protein prediction

patched membrane protein prediction

patched membrane protein prediction. Protein patched homolog 2. Gene. PTCH2. Membrane Multi-pass membrane protein Topology. Feature key Position(s) Q9Y6C5-1) FASTA A Framework for Genomic Data Fusion and its Application to Membrane Protein Prediction Gert R. G. Lanckriet gert Dept. of Electr. Eng. and … TOPCONS ( et/) is a web server for consensus prediction of membrane protein topology. The underlying algorithm combines an arbitrary number of topology Abstract—The prediction of transmembrane helical segments (TMHs) in membrane proteins is an important field in the bioinformatics research. In this paper, a method The membrane protein Patched (Ptc) is a key regulator Ptc is predicted to contain twelve trans- . bodies to Ptc. Proteins of the predicted size were de-. Integral membrane proteins float in this sea of lipid, held by hydrophobic interactions .. is found between predicted and known membrane-spanning segments. with adjacent membrane proteins to form large aggregates ( patches ) on the  membrane. Vesicle. Patch vesicle a b. Patch we present arguments that support this idea, but also arguments that support the contrary view, in which a specialized team of protein and this membrane tension is predicted. Patch-Surfer and PL-PatchSurfer, molecular surface-based methods for predicting binding ligands of proteins developed in our group, were 

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